Meet Mads: Co-Founder of Camber & Host of Okay Sister

Mads is wearing The Vintage Cropped Flare in dark denim

Tell us more about who you are and what you do!
Hi, it's Mads! I'm the co-founder of Camber, which is a Los Angeles-based platform that shares the coolest things to do & places to go in the city. I also co-host the Okay Sister Podcast with my sister where we interview female entrepreneurs and tastemakers. When I'm not building my startup, you can find me trying out all the latest restaurants in LA, reading romance novels and drinking natural wine on a patio somewhere, and taking mini getaways whenever I can. 

Mads is wearing The Low Rise Baggy Jean in light denim

What led you to start the Camber App and your Okay Sister Podcast?
We were always frustrated with the disjointed process of sharing travel recommendations with friends. It was always a Google doc, email thread, or screenshot of the notes app. We didn't know why there wasn't a seamless way to exchange cool places with people you trust. Camber was built from that frustration! We started with an app, and through our content and local community events, we've been able to be THAT friend for people. We're here to help you discover your next favorite place.

My sister and I have always had silly and real banter, and we discovered that it translated so well to a podcast. We started it to deepen our relationship with one another and have an excuse to talk to our girl crushes. Now it's been 6 years of meaningful conversations and sisterly energy every Monday!

Mads is wearing The Vintage Cropped Flare in dark denim

What sets the Los Angeles dining scene apart from other cities?
The food in Los Angeles is incredibly diverse from the dim sum in the San Gabriel Valley to the taco stands in Boyle Heights to the Persian restaurants in Westwood. Every cuisine is represented here and is being executed at the highest level. That's why I feel so grateful to live in this city. There's endless culture to explore!

If you had to eat at the same restaurant every day, where would you go?
Dudley Market. That burger. Those oysters. The wine selection. It's the perfect restaurant IMO.

Mads is wearing The Low Rise Baggy Jean in light denim

What is the best piece of advice you received or words of wisdom you received from one of your podcast guests?
Do the next right thing.

What's coming down the pipeline for you creatively?
Expanding Camber to new cities (eek!) and partnering with our dream brands right here in LA. Also, we've completely rebranded Okay Sister Podcast so that we only record in studio, so connecting with our guests IRL has been so fulfilling.
Mads is wearing The Vintage Cropped Flare in dark denim

How do you like to style your Just Black Denim jeans?
I'm obsessed with pairing my low rise baggy jeans with an oversized sweater or long sleeve tee. Turns out low rise jeans aren't just for models in the early 2000s! They are beyond flattering and comfortable.

My vintage cropped flare jeans are perfect with a tucked in white button down or crop top with a black belt and a little heeled sandal. I feel sooo confident in this look. 

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May 03, 2024