The Journey of @antamvo: Graphic Designer & Baker Extraordinaire

Tell us more about who you are and what you do! 
Hello! My name is An Vo and I am a freelance graphic designer / baker. My background is actually in landscape architecture -- I've always been interested in design of the physical realm. I was living and working in NYC up until last year when my partner and I decided on a one-way cross country road trip to LA. It's been a great homecoming because I grew up in northern California. Plus our dog really loves all the hiking we get to do here.
What led you to start AV Patisserie?
The pandemic! It was a lot of things, but wow did home bakers really thrive. I've always baked treats for friends and never thought to expand it any further, but the pandemic gave me time to fine tune and experiment with many different recipes and techniques. I started baking birthday cakes for my friends, and decided that I would love to bake for more than friends!
What would you say is your signature treat?
My current signature treat would be a hojicha sponge cake with raspberries and mascarpone whip. I love cake. Especially the cakes I grew up with -- more chiffon style sponges with whipped cream and fresh fruit filling. It's so simple, but so airy, and just the right amount of sweetness. I try to emulate that same nostalgia in a slice when I bake.
What is the best bite you've ever had and from where?
The best bite I've ever had was when I was studying abroad in Europe doing an architecture program. My cousin was also abroad and we thought it would be so cute to meet in Paris. I waited for her at a random bakery and ordered this beautiful slice of flan pâtissier adorned with raspberries. It was perfect. Gorgeous vanilla bean speckled custard atop a flakey vessel. I still think about her often. 
What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career in the food industry?
I am definitely still in the infant stages of figuring things out, but my humble advice would be to make what makes you happy and healthily obsess over it. When you bake something you love, people can taste the special amount of care and thought you put into it. Cheesy, but I'm a real people pleaser, and making someone's day with a birthday cake or a little surprise treat brings me such joy.
What's coming down the pipeline for you creatively?
I have a few events I'm really excited about. Being a part of throwing a big dinner party is always fun. I love collaborating with other creatives and friends, so I am very thrilled for more of that in the future!
An Vo is wearing The Retro Straight in Walnut
What do you like about your Just Black Denim jeans?
This seems silly but the pockets are elite. I always have little recipe notes scribbled down and random shopping lists, so the pockets pass the note test! Not to mention they are crazy comfortable - I am on my feet most of the day when I am baking larger orders, and I almost forget I am wearing jeans because they are truly so stretchy and comfy.
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Photos by Marielle Sales
March 18, 2024