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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I have been wearing this pair of pants multiple times a week for a couple of years now and they are the most complimented piece in my wardrobe, tell me when green is back in stock!!!
— Jane
Customer reviews
These jeans are just so comfortable. The wide leg is on trend and they look super cute with a chunky sweater or a form fitting bodysuit. Fit is loose and waist is high. Love!
— Kate
Customer reviews
I own several pairs of just black denim and these are my absolute favorite, most worn pair. They’re the perfect fit. Most versatile piece, can be worn casually or dressed up. They’re comfortable! I always feel great in these jeans and reach for them constantly!
— Monique
Customer reviews
These are the BEST cut and style jeans I've found in 20 years! Please restock sizes 24 and 25. Everyone compliments me on these and asks me what they are!
— Rachel