Motherhood and Holistic Nutrition with Taylor @taylor__kitto


Tell us more about who you are and what you do! 
I am a holistic nutritionist and a mother to a 1 year old boy named Rowan. I started my nutrition platform, whole nourish, in 2020 and it serves as a place for plant-focused nourishment and holistic living inspiration. 



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Happy almost Mother's Day! How has being a mom changed you?
Thank you! Oh man, in every way possible. I would say I am much more confident and outgoing than I once was. Becoming a mother really makes you dive deeper into yourself and allows you to take inventory of what is truly important in life. 



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What are some of your favorite kid-friendly meals?

 Pesto pasta is such a hit for everyone! If making for adults I will add some Calabrian chili and a squeeze of lemon and call it a day. My son also loves eating broccoli egg cups that I prep cook on Sunday and can just throw in the oven during the week. 



What are some really supportive and nourishing foods to eat during pregnancy?

 I love nettle, chamomile, and lavender tea. I make an infusion with these dried flowers and herbs and I really find it’s like a hug for my nervous system. During pregnancy try to focus on healthy fats like avocados, salmon, and nuts. 



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Any tips for balancing work and motherhood?

 It’s more of a juggle. I try to squeeze work in during nap-times, but it is a constant struggle trying to find time to get the things I need done. I’m just learning as I go and reminding myself that everything is a season. 



How has motherhood changed your style?
It’s all about comfort now.. but in a good way! I’m not talking frumpy. I’m talking cool mom chic. I usually gravitate towards a great pair of jeans, a striped tee or a floral blouse, and some sneakers. 



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What's your favorite way to style your Just Black Denim jeans?
I love an all black look. It just looks so pulled together and nice! 


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May 01, 2023