Growing with Nature: Meet the Mind Behind Herb Club LA

Tell us more about who you are and what you do!
Hello there! I'm Andrea Jimenez, the founder of Herb Club LA. I'm a certified Naturalist and Herbalist. My mission with Herb Club LA is to foster a deeper connection between land health, community health, and individual health. I'm passionate about land stewardship and building strong communities. As a first-generation immigrant of Native American descent, I also aim to honor Native American ways of living with the land. My personal journey towards healing through reconnecting with nature has inspired me to help others do the same. I believe that nurturing our inner well-being reflects positively on our outer world, and vice versa. By connecting with nature and our plant companions, we can learn to care for ourselves and each other.
What led you to start Herb Club LA?
The idea behind Herb Club LA sprouted during the 2020 lockdowns when I found solace and hope in reconnecting with plants. This wasn't the first time nature had a profound impact on my well-being. In 2016, I moved to Sierra Madre, CA, and witnessed a significant improvement in my mood and overall health due to increased exposure to green spaces. This experience sparked my curiosity about the benefits of nature and led me on a personal journey from Functional Medicine to diving into a Field Biology course during college, where I obtained my California Naturalist Certification in 2017. Through the following years, I rekindled my connection with nature. This reconnection inspired me to delve into Herbalism. After the lockdowns, I decided to invite others to improve their lives through reconnecting to nature, giving birth to Herb Club LA.
What is your favorite way to connect with nature?
My favorite way to connect with nature is by spending time outdoors, keeping a field journal, learning how to give back, and helping others connect with nature. I especially love the fall when I work extensively with native California mugwort. This annual ritual allows me to deepen my connection with this incredible plant and the changing seasons.
Who are some environmental activists you are inspired by?
Environmental activism is inspiring, and I look up to several individuals for their dedication to our planet. Some environmental activists that come to mind are Robin Wall Kimmerer, Dr. Zach Bush, and Michael Pollan . Their incredible efforts to raise awareness with a compassionate, vulnerable and honest perspective is humbling and inspiring.
As an herbalist, what plants are you most drawn to right now and why?
Currently, I'm drawn to mugwort, especially native California mugwort, during the fall season. Its unique properties and traditional uses have captivated my attention. Working with mugwort allows me to connect to place in a very deep way. It is not known to be grounding, but I find that since there’s so much history between humans and this particular plant, it can be grounding. It can be a great teacher. I learn something new every time I work with it.
What's coming down the pipeline for Herb Club LA?
The future for Herb Club LA looks exciting! We're focusing on organizing more Herb Walks, dinners, tea meditations, and collaborative efforts within the community. Keep an eye out for some wonderful small-batch products we have in the works.
What do you like about your Just Black Denim jeans?
I absolutely adore my Just Black Denim jeans! They are exceptionally well-made, incredibly comfortable, and come in a delightful variety of styles. I find myself reaching for them throughout the week, and I even wear them during our Herb Walks. 

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September 25, 2023