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Kate wears The Ultra High Dad Jean in black
Tell us more about who you are and what you do!
I’m Kate :) I’m a freelance digital marketing consultant and graphic designer — I help small female owned brands with their social + email marketing. I also have my own weekly substack newsletter called Bitesized where I share east-leaning LA food tidbits and hot takes. So basically, I’m all up in your inbox. 
We are big fans of your substack, Bite Sized. What prompted you to start it?
Thank you! It’s been so fun working on it. I’ve always really enjoyed researching new spots and dissecting a meal over a bottle of wine with my girls.  Eventually it became clear I was a go-to person amongst my friends for recommendations, so I thought it would be helpful to put it all somewhere. Bite Sized has had a few iterations — at one point it was a full blown website. But because I’m so familiar with emails already, that medium felt more natural to me and where we ended… Now I’m on substack
What is the best bite you've had in the last few months?
Love this question. Here’s 3 — 
The miso toast from Baby Bistro (2nd slide) — they’re a pop-up right now in K-Town. 
The affogato I had at Canyon Coffee, made with Awan vegan ice cream. 
The Savory Summer Parfaits I’ve been making at home. (3rd slide) 
Kate wears The Ultra High Dad Jean in medium
What is a new food or beverage brand that you think is bringing something new and exciting to the industry?
I’m most excited about oil + vinegar at the moment. (ha!) It’s a really interesting branding / packaging space to watch because they’re all sort of selling the same thing, but doing it differently. (or sometimes not-so-differently) You have to try Brightland’s Pizza oil if you haven’t already… 
In the vinegar space, Acid League has created such complex flavors that really brighten any dish. I find that when I use something like ‘Garden Heat’ in a recipe, there’s no substitute, and to me that’s how you know something is working. They’ve definitely become one of my elevated pantry staples… Oh, and if you ever see their ‘Pan Sauce’ at Whole Foods… get it. 
Also, Yuzu is everywhere thanks to Yuzu Co! Of course you’ve always been able to find a little dab of Yuzu Kosho on sushi, but now yuzu is all over the menu, in  aioli, matcha, cocktails, salad dressings, ice cream flavors… I’m here for it. 
You visit a lot of restaurants and have great recs. If you could have your own restaurant, what food would you serve and what would the vibe be? 
I’ve always wanted there to be a 24hr / late night joint that served bright acidic salads, smoothies, and damn good fries. Maybe even with a drive through? We have amazing options like Kismet Rotisserie, Honey Hi… Highly Likely, until like 8pm — if that.  But I want access all the time! 
 I also hate when places stop serving coffee mid-day, so my espresso bar would go on all night as well. I’d call it ‘Late Lunch’ or something like that. If anyone is interested in investing, HMU! Ha! 
Kate wears The Ultra High Dad Jean in medium
Where do you find inspiration creatively?
I’m chronically online, but I like to think it’s in an educational way, not a doom scrolling kind of way. 
Beyond IG, TT + Pinterest… I regularly read through Eater, Grubstreet, the Infatuation, ThingTesting + Passerby to name a few more. I follow a good amount of substacks + podcasts, and subscribe to a ton of email marketing too. I like to see what everyone (and every brand)  is up to! 
AND BOOKS. Currently reading Emma Cline’s new ‘The Guest’ like every other 20-something. But usually I gravitate towards non-fiction. Esther Perell + Malcolm Gladwell have both dramatically expanded my worldview. 
How do you like to style your Just Black Denim jeans?
I’m pretty minimal these days. I have a closet full of collared shirts — Some Thrifted, Donni, Less is More, W+R and Prism. Or a good t-shirt from Everybodyworld or Kotn. I switch it up + with pops of color + accessories. ;) 
Kate wears The Ultra High Dad Jean 
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August 08, 2023