Nutrition Tips with Sam Tahan

Gaining insight and guidance to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle from nutritionist @sanam.tahan

What led you to start The Well Society and become a Registered Dietician Nutritionist?

When I was young, I loved baking, I was baking all the time. I also loved science, so I thought let’s combine the two and see what nutrition is all about. Then once I really started studying nutrition and how foods affect our bodies, I fell in love with it. I absolutely knew that my purpose was to help others understand just how amazing nutrition is and what it can do for our bodies. As time went on and I had my own personal medical issues, there was no doubt in my mind about my path and my career. I wanted to have my own business and private practice because I wanted to help each individual and give them the time they deserve, but beyond that I wanted wellness to be so much more than just food, because it is. My hope is for The Well Society to grow into a wellness lifestyle brand that still makes each individual's wellness journey uniquely their own. 

We see that an important part of your practice is helping your clients understand their own body type. Can you share a bit more about what that means and why it's an important part of your practice?

I was first introduced to the concept of Body Types and Eastern Medicine when I had my own medical issues. Nothing seemed to be working, so I thought I might as well try this. The concept of Body Types is that our organs have a dynamic order in which they function and if we can identify that order and eat the right foods to balance them out then our bodies will find the perfect harmony and function as they are intended to. Once I found my personal body type all my ailments went away, and I couldn’t ignore that. I had to learn all there was about it so that I could make sure to help others in the same way. I use a mix of both Eastern and Western medicine in my practice and I really think that helps tie in the theme of balance I strive to achieve. Everything is about balance and knowing when and how to do what. 

What is a common misconception about healthy eating you would like to debunk?

One method of healthy eating does not exist. I think if I could tell the world anything that’s what it would be. We are not all meant to eat the same way, healthy is different for each of us. Finding out what foods help your body thrive and function in an optimal state is what healthy means. 

On your Instagram page, you talk a lot about balance. What does that mean to you?

I love the word balance. I think it might be my favorite word. To me balance means nourishing your body, providing it with healthy foods, doing what you can to make sure what you consume and put on your body comes from a good source BUT it also means enjoying life. You have to eat the cake and the cookies. That doesn’t mean eat them every day, but when you do, enjoy every bite. Balance is about loving your body and providing it with nutrient dense food while also being sure to provide that same nourishment to your mind and soul.


What is your go-to healthy meal you like to make?

My favorite meal is pasta. Some may be shocked that I chose that as my healthy meal, but for me that is healthy. Aglio e olio is amazing. Pasta, olive oil, garlic, chili flakes. Trust me!!

What are your top 3 words of advice for someone wanting to embark on a healthier lifestyle?

Know your why.
Having a reason and purpose for what you’re doing is the best motivation. Not a reason based off incorrect judgements, but a discernment made with the right perception.

Sam wears The Cut-Off Straight (left) and The Rigid Dad Jean (right)

April 23, 2022
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