Meet Bloggers Kat & Kim

This week’s story is a double feature: twin sister blogging duo Kat and Kim sat down with us to talk slow fashion, that blogger life and most importantly- their all time favorite jeans. Be sure to check out their Fall Denim Guide on - you might see a few pairs you recognize.

What is the Kat and Kim origin story? How did the blog begin and take off?

Well it all started when Kim, feeling burnt out from her marketing agency job, decided to up and quit to pursue blogging full time. After a few months working solo she felt kind of lonely and convinced Kathleen, who was also feeling frustrated at her nursing job, to quit and blog with her! Being identical twin sisters gives us the opportunity to provide style inspiration in a different way, like showing two different ways to wear a particular trend or clothing item. We’re not sure if our blog has taken off just yet, but it’s definitely on the runway! And we think having this unique perspective to share with the fashion world has helped.

You guys travel a ton. Do you have a packing hack to always show up with the right wardrobe?

We are serial over packers, haha! It’s a good thing our husbands travel light, because we always need some of their suitcase space. When we travel we usually have some kind of itinerary - dinners, outdoor adventures, sightseeing, etc. So we pretty much know what kind of outfits we need to prep for each activity. We also try to pick bottoms that we can pair with multiple tops since those seem to take up a lot of space in our luggage.

What is most important to you when making ethical shopping decisions? Do you have to sacrifice style sometimes?

No way! There are so many cool brands who practice responsible manufacturing that we don’t have to sacrifice style. The big thing we think about when making shopping decisions is, how long is this product’s life cycle? We aim to purchase items that will have long happy lives! High quality pieces will retain their value and can be resold a few times before their time is up. As opposed to a poorly made item that might tear at the seam, shrink in the wash, or not have a resale value.

What are your favorite pieces right now besides denim?

Since it’s getting colder and colder, we’re all about chunky knit sweaters! They go with everything, but a cute sweater with jeans is our go-to.

If you had to live in one style of jean forever, what would it be?

Answering this one separately, since we couldn’t agree on one!

Kim’s answer is a high rise, slim fit in a clean medium wash made from semi-rigid denim. Just like they did them in the 90’s!

Kathleen’s answer is a high rise, straight leg in a vintage light wash with a slight baggy fit and long enough to hit the floor in heels. Also a very 90’s vibe. 

What are the challenges as a blogging duo? How do you guys make business decisions?

Working with family  is always a challenge. We don’t always see eye to eye, especially when it comes to our creative process. As far as making big business decisions we always talk it out together and for the most part we usually agree. But for those rare instances when we don’t agree, Kim usually ends up getting her way. 

November 21, 2019
Tags: Interviews