Meet Andrea: The Official "Non-Somm" of Mas Vino Please

Andrea is wearing The Retro Straight in walnut

Tell us more about who you are and what you do!

Hi! I’m Andrea from Mas Vino Please :) I am a content creator and natural wine enthusiast who has built an international community of curious wine lovers on and offline. Completely self-taught, I am a self-proclaimed “non-somm”, showing people that extensive certification and restaurant experience are not required to understand and love wine!  

I share wines I love and stories of other wine folks through my Substack and podcast, Mas Vino Please, as well as through in-person wine events and a line of natural wines. 

Andrea is wearing The Retro Straight in walnut

What led you to start Mas Vino Please?

It started as a place for me to share wine recs with friends and followers. Eventually, it grew a small following online and people wanted me to share more general wine education and information through a variety of platforms. I know that wine can feel intimidating and overwhelming (and, at times, unwelcoming) so I was adamant about making it a space where people felt comfortable and it resonated with folks no matter what their wine knowledge level was! I am not a sommelier and I wanted people who are also not wine professionals to feel empowered and confident when ordering or buying wine.  

Three years later, Mas Vino Please has become an in-person community of wine lovers from all walks of life who come together through unique in person events and experiences. I am so honored when people tell me I have helped inspire or guide them on their wine journey! My hope is to always be a resource for those who want to explore the wine world in their own way. 🙂

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For someone new to wine, what advice would you give them to develop their wine palate?

The best way to learn about wine is to DRINK MORE WINE! And don’t be afraid to ask questions, be curious and do a little research on the wines you love. Trying different wine styles, grapes, and regions will inform your palette and let you know what you like and don’t like! (and it’s totally okay if you don’t like a certain wine!)  

When picking a wine, I always recommend that people first think of the setting where they will be enjoying the wine: is it a casual dinner party with friends? An afternoon in your garden? Sunday dinner with family? Start there rather than thinking of what grape or region you like – and then hone in your preference from there!  

For example, if you’re picking a wine for a friend’s surprise birthday, you might want to pick a wine that’s a little lighter, more versatile and easy-drinking. Next, think of flavor profiles you (or your friend) might enjoy. Let’s say they like herby or spiced flavor profiles… lot’s of Italian red wines have interesting herb and spice flavors! Last, since it’s a casual event, I would reach for a chilled red since they tend to be lighter and easier drinking than more traditional red wines. For this scenario, I would recommend something like Andrea Occhipinti Alkes Rosato, which is a delightfully light, chilled red with lots of dark cherry, oregano and black tea notes! 

If you had to have the same bottle of wine everyday, what would it be?

This is an impossible question!--But probably an Alsatian Pinot Noir because they’re incredibly light and fresh compared to other Pinot Noirs (the region is known for very bright and crisp wines). It pairs with all my favorite foods and is the perfect sobremesa wine. (Sobremesa is a Spanish word that describes the time spent after a meal when the plates have been cleared and everyone is deep in conversation around the table, enjoying another bottle of wine and some espresso).


Andrea is wearing The Low Rise Baggy Jean in light denim

What has wine taught you about life?

I have met so many incredible people and had some beautiful experiences because of wine. I met some of my best friends today through wine (and the internet) and I’m positive the reason for many of these connections is because of the way people come together around the table to enjoy food and wine. 

Wine has also taught me about history! Wine and the history of the world are so deeply intertwined–there’s so much a bottle can tell us about the specific year and region it was made in. It’s magical and beautiful and why I love exploring wine so much! 

What's coming down the pipeline for you creatively?

Well! I just released the 3rd vintage of my collaboration wine with Wonderwerk! We released 3 wines (Como La Flor, Chismosa, and Sol y Mar) that are all available now throughout California, New York and the east coast! All three of these wines are an ode to my culture and celebrate the beauty of Latinidad and everything that makes us unique. This summer, we have a bunch of exciting events and parties planned to celebrate the wines (and community!) around Los Angeles, so you should definitely come to one if you’re in town! 

Andrea is wearing The Low Rise Baggy Jean in light denim

How do you like to style your Just Black Denim jeans?

I recently learned about dressing for your venus sign. My Venus is in Taurus – which prioritizes functionality and comfort before anything else and this totally checks out because I’ve always dressed for comfort first! Just Black denim is easily some of my most comfortable denim too! For a daytime look, I always pair them with a chic flat and a simple tee or my favorite Dal the Label linen shirt. For evenings, I add a little glamor with my favorite Celine boots, statement earrings and a bold lip combo! 

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June 21, 2024