A Note From Christine

When my parents started making jeans 40 years ago, they could never imagined to have it grow to where we are now. We never step back and see how much we’ve done and growth we’ve had since we are head to the ground to strive to be better each day. Not a day goes by where we all are working for truly perfecting each stitch, wash, fit for each of our customers.

Our team members, each retailer, vendors, colleagues, family and friends know that our product speaks mountains for itself! We know in our company that great product can only be achieved through decades of ingenuity and collaboration.

I’m so thankful and grateful to grow this local community of amazing creatives in LA! Can’t wait to do more!

Thank you all for taking the time to
experience @justblackdenim 🤍

xo, Christine


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December 13, 2023