In the Mix: A Dive into the DJ Journey of Arianne

Arianne wears The Retro Straight in Walnut
Tell us more about who you are and what you do!
Hey there! I'm Arianne, originally from El Paso, Texas, but I've been calling LA home for the past 10 years – crazy how time flies, right? By day, I'm all about audio-visual technology, and by night, you'll find me spinning tunes as a DJ. I've got a regular gig at the Cara Hotel every weekend, and I'm always on the decks for other clients when they need some musical magic. Oh, and if you ever need a killer playlist, I've got you covered.
Arianne wears The Retro Straight in Walnut
What led you to DJ'ing?
I've always had this innate connection to music, dating back to my childhood. I was pretty obsessed with it – singing opera, mimicking sounds, and always curious about the music in films, even if I probably shouldn't have been watching some of those movies at a young age. When I got to college, I naturally became the person responsible for the playlist at parties, and people seemed to vibe with my selections. The idea of becoming a DJ had been brewing in my mind for years, and after moving to LA for 4 years, it just felt like the right time. So 5 years ago, I impulsively bought a DJ controller, spent a week learning the ropes at home, and got my first gig at Tenants of the Trees. The crowd's reaction was priceless – everyone seemed surprised at how well my selections were. From then on, the bookings started rolling in, and I found myself on this exciting journey in the DJ scene. 

If you had to choose a song to define you, what would it be and why?
Picking a single song that encapsulates who I am proved to be a challenge, but if I had to choose, it would undoubtedly be Will Powers' "Adventures in Success." This track holds a special place in my heart because it combines all my favorite musical elements – a captivating drum loop, a touch of disco, and a positive message that resonates with every listener. The lyrics speak to me on a personal level; I've always felt different from others. Being a petite female DJ with a youthful look in an industry that sometimes grapples with ageism and heightism brings its own set of challenges, and this song reflects my journey in a powerful way.
Arianne is wearing The Sailor Pocket Wide Leg in Off White
Who are some musicians you are loving right now?
I'm totally into Daebull – this French producer and musician from Paris who's a funk musical genius. I'm a total sucker for an intoxicating kick + snare combo ( I like to refer to them as power drums.)  Another obsession of mine is the album "Slut Pop" by Kim Petras. It's an absolute blast from start to finish, with each track bringing its own unique energy. And let's not forget about Monster Rally; their songs are not only a ton of fun but also incredibly creative and catchy. These artists are on heavy rotation for me right now!
Arianne is wearing The Sailor Pocket Wide Leg in Off White
If you could change something about your industry, what would it be?
If I could change something about my industry, it would be the emphasis on popularity over talent. In LA, especially, I've observed that certain individuals consistently get booked while others, who might be equally or even more talented, don't get as many opportunities simply because they aren't as well known. I believe everyone should have a chance to pursue their passion, irrespective of their level of popularity. It would be great to see a more open-minded approach to recognizing and promoting genuine talent in the industry.
What's coming down the pipeline for you creatively?
Creatively, I'm gearing up to record a new mix that truly reflects how my DJing skills and musical style have evolved over the past 5 years. It's a way for me to showcase the progression and diversity in my sets. This year, I'm setting my sights on playing gigs at larger nightclubs with bigger crowds and spacious dance floors. Additionally, I'm eager to get on more radio shows and explore opportunities to play at raves, preferably earlier ones because, let's face it, I enjoy heading to bed before 2 am! It's all about reaching new audiences and pushing the boundaries of my DJ journey.
How do you like to style your Just Black Denim jeans?
I love styling my Just Black Denim jeans with a cute pair of platform boots or loafers. The versatility of these jeans allows me to pair them effortlessly with cropped blouses and sweaters. I find myself reaching for them daily because not only are they super comfortable, but I also receive constant compliments when I wear them. It's amazing how a great pair of jeans can become a wardrobe staple, and Just Black Denim has definitely become my go-to choice for both comfort and style.

Arianne's Picks

Top: The Retro Straight (Walnut), The Sailor Pocket Wide Leg (Off White)

Bottom: The Nautical Wide Leg (Espresso), The Sailor Pocket Wide Leg (Dark Olive), The Trouser (Dark Olive)

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January 24, 2024