Seeing Stars with The Starry Eyed Mystic

We sat down with MaKayla - better known as The Starry Eyed Mystic - and dove into her journey with astrology

*Makayla wears The Throwback Straight

Can you share your journey with astrology? And when did you decide to become a professional reader?
I was born into an immediate and extended family full of spiritualists. When I was a young kid, I remember my parents gently teasing me during my headstrong, bossy moments by saying, “Okay, Aries!” My dad dabbled in natal chart readings for our family, but I still relied heavily on just sun sign astrology until I was a teen. I began diving deep into studying astrology myself when I was about fourteen, because an Aquarius girl I had a crush on told me how cool she thought it was. I followed Tumblr blogs, took a glimpse into my chart, and was hooked thereafter. I haven't stopped learning since!
I decided to become a professional reader when I was eighteen, as my cousin who was a professional Tarot reader for 20+ years invited me to work at his shop. I was leaving a modeling job in Boston when I got a call from him asking to help out at his new shop. It was in the famous Salem, Massachusetts known as Witch city.
There, I met my first clients and gained tons of experience. I found my purpose watching people’s lives transform. Later, I decided to go independent, originally using social media as a form to keep in contact with my local clients. I was surprised to reach thousands, and able to make my practice internationally reaching.

We see that some members of your family are also readers, did that have any affect on your personal practice?

My mom was reading Tarot before I was born. It’s just always been a part of who she is in my eyes. I remember when I was really young and anxious about silly things like starting school, making friends, she would pull a card for me. She always kept the readings simple, positive and uplifting which gave me great confidence. I remember her and my dad growing up always encouraging me to pursue whatever I believed in, whether it ended up being spirituality, religion, whatever.

Their open mindedness let me discover and experiment with what resonated, leading me to develop my own spiritual practice early on, which I'm grateful for. As a preteen, my mom bought me books on Tarot and astrology that were beginner and youth friendly. Their support has meant the world to me and has encouraged me to pursue my practice with courage, despite any setback.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about astrology?

I wish that more people knew that the best way to utilize astrology is to inspire, not limit. While I believe in ideas of fate, I also know our free will greatly matters in what we make of what life hands us. Just like most things, there's pros and cons to every part of your birth or natal chart.

You may be decide to write of all Geminis because of one bad experience dating a flighty one, or you can use that as a learning experience. You can fear “bad” astrology, or also realize the pro’s.

Another example would be Mercury retrograde, now infamously known now as a “terrible time” to fear. However, this transit also brings ample positive opportunities for you to redo things, reprocess, and reflect to improve your life. As I always say, the best thing about astrology is that we can use it as a self development tool, to work with the natural energetic cycles of our life, rather than against them.

Do you have any recommendations for people who want to do more research or learn a little more about astrology?

To learn more about astrology, my advice would be to just get started! Read a little bit of everything to develop your own insights. Follow astrologers on social media. Watch content on YouTube. Astrology is a subject that can never be truly "mastered" because there's always more to learn. The goal is to just learn a bit more each day as a beginner.

For recommendations, the book Astrology for Dummies is surprisingly an amazing introduction for beginners to the world of stars! The Astrology Podcast by Chris Brennan is also a great resource for those looking for matter-of-fact, in-depth information. I post lots of content teaching about astrology on my Instagram @thestarryeyedmystic and TikTok @starryeyemystic for those seeking easy, fun, bite-sized video lessons.

We see there's an upcoming full moon this month, any advice on what we can expect in terms of love and relationships?

Wednesday, February 16th, there will be a full moon in Leo. These lunations are known to bring heightened pleasure, joy, and passion, as Leo is one of the most romantic signs. Yay! We can expect our love life to be illuminated through heightened displays of emotion. On a positive note, this can lead to sweethearts feeling more open, wearing their heart on their sleeves. Partners pursue their lover with great enthusiasm. We’ll expect to be treated like royalty by our admirers, and will surely give the same energy in return. But at the same time, it’ll be important to remember not to become too demanding, placing unrealistic expectations onto our partnerships, lovers, and flings. A helpful intention for this Leo full moon could be, “I intend to enjoy my creativity, love, pleasure, sexuality, and passions through a place of respect for myself and others.”

Are there any major events in 2022 that we should be aware of?

In 2022, there’ll be many major events that play throughout the year. One notable transit coming up soon will be the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurring on April 8. Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth and expansion blends forces with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, spirituality, and higher thinking. It’s time to manifest and get started on a vision board! This conjunction can usher in miracles, healing, spiritual breakthroughs, heightened compassion, generosity, and love into our lives. 

Since this aspect only happens once about every 12 years, it’ll bring about a noticeable cultural reset. Music, entertainment, and the arts will shift in their focus this year - and there will be a lot of old trends re-emerging. With Pisces being a nostalgic sign, we’ll feel like there’s “a blast to the past” vibe in the air, especially within a pop entertainment.

Although this can be a very positive aspect, like all transits, there’s areas to be cautious of as well. We’ll hope to enjoy the positives of Jupiter-Neptune, but to also be mindful not to get lost while wearing rose-colored glasses. Let’s not lose our footing in reality! Keep yourself in check to avoid delusions, gaslighting, or any form of escapism.  Head in the clouds, feet on the ground!

February 15, 2022
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